Ripley's 2nd Birthday


I can’t believe we are already celebrating Ripley’s second birthday, but it's here!  Ripley absolutely loves pigs and bunnies, so a country fair for the ladies felt like the perfect theme.  Not knowing exactly what my version of a country fair looked like, I was inspired by the different parties that I found on Pinterest and ran with it.  We had a small group of little girls over for the festivities, and Ripley had a great day. 


Maurice from Bloom & Plume created beautiful arrangements in tin buckets using Dahlias, Peonie Tulips, Viburnum, and Wildflowers.  He also created smaller arrangements in different glass bud vases, upon which Tanner and I strung pink pom poms.  They were girly and earthy and felt perfect for our country fair. 

Décor & Activities

Balloons, Fans, & Piñata

Jihan from Gironimo Balloons dropped off two huge pink balloons with her amazing colorful fringe for the entry.  They were Ripley's favorite part of the décor, and she spent much of her time dragging them around the party. 

In the olive trees in the back yard, I hung fun tissue fans with gold centers that I found on Etsy.  They were a colorful addition and a nice alterative to pom poms.  I also found a great multi-purpose Crystal Confetti piñata on Etsy - the kids had a blast with it, and I loved the way it looked!   

Flags, Signs, Quilts, and Ribbons

Over the fireplace I hung a beautiful shabby chic fabric flag which set the tone. Throughout the party I placed a variety of wonderful vintage quilts that I found on Etsy, which added a warm, sweet touch.  I also found some amazing old signs – my favorite detail of the party – which I had painted in pastels to say "potato sack race," "ring toss," "bake sale," "pony rides," etc.  On some of the signs I hung floral prize ribbons, which looked adorable.


Crafts & Games

I placed two of my 6 ft tables together under the olive trees and used one of the vintage quilts from Etsy to create the ultimate craft table.  I found the sweetest straw hats and paper flowers at Moskatels Downtown – perfect for the girls to use in creating beautiful hats for their dolls.  To hold all of the craft supplies, I used functional and theme-perfect Mason jars and galvanized tins

I then took my two smaller folding tables and covered them with red and white gingham table cloths to set up classic fair games.  On one, I set up a game of ring toss using a set of vintage coke bottles and crate and some wooden rings.  On the other, I set up a goldfish toss, using plastic goldfish and Weck jars filled with water and ping pong balls. 

In the front courtyard I set up a vintage apple crate that I borrowed from Kimberly.  Inside it I placed four burlap sacks for the little ones to use in a potato sack race.  It was too cute, and the kids had such fun. 

Petting Zoo

Last year for Ripley’s Birthday, we had Jessie’s Party Animals, which were perfect.  Since this year's theme was a country fair, they returned with ducks, chickens, bunnies, sheep, a pig, and of course, the goats who were eating Rip’s party dress.  They also brought a pony – the kids rode her up and down our walkway wearing the biggest smiles.

The Menu

The Food

This year, instead of cooking everything ourselves, we ordered cabbage, corn, and grilled vegetable salad from Fresh Corn Grill, which was perfect for a country fair. 

To serve it all, I used round bamboo plates with customized cute wooden cutlery from In The Clear that was leftover from Rip's last birthday.  The forks said “Ripley” and the knives said “Jewel,” and they were tied together with assorted colored baker’s twine.

For the sweets, I asked Annie of Apres Fete for a little help.  She made little individual pies, which were delicious, and a homemade Coconut Cake that was out of this world.  Above the coconut cake, I hung an adorable floral banner.  Needless to, say there were no leftovers!

The Drinks

Outside, I set up a little lemonade stand on our picnic table.  We offered homemade mint lemonade, an ice bucket full of mini pressed juices, and mini waters which I embellished with liberty fabric and twine.  For the adults I served my favorite, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. 


Party Favors

Lastly, for party favors, I found the sweetest glass jars with floral and gingham fabric tops, and made Annie’s Strawberry Rhubarb Jam to fill them.  I also found adorable goldfish soap that smelled like lemon verbena.  I placed the favors by the front door in a cute wheelbarrow that my mom gave the kids for Christmas this year.  XXJKE