Profile: Dora De Larios

One of the most celebrated ceramic artists of our time, Dora De Larios' body of

Studio Visit: Irving Place

I discovered Irving Place Studio ceramics several years ago, and knew I had to have them f

Eucalyptus Four Ways

Yesterday, I shared some of the wonderful health benefits of eucalyptus, but it is a t

Natural Remedies: Eucalyptus

This time of year, it seems everyone is getting sick or battling a lingering illness, so I'm always

Sourcebook: Copper

I love all things copper. From cookware – which is always on my dream list – to accessor

Studio Visit: Simone LeBlanc

As with earlier this week, I've often sung the praises of Simone LeBlanc and her amaz

Cocktail of the Day: Wintery Julep

Last week, I shared one of Pharmacie founder and drinkist Talmadge Lowe's inspired ho

A Handmade Heirloom Quilt with Simone LeBlanc

A while back, I shared all the beautiful details of Stephanie Schur’s baby shower, not th

Recipe of the Day: Middle Eastern Grilled Vegetable & Lentil Bowl

I'm always on the hunt for delicious, flavorful meals that aren't overly complicated, and that the w
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