Natural Beauty: HydroSouls with evanhealy

I was introduced to evanhealy, an all natural plant-based skincare line, by my good friend

Natural Remedies: Alexis Smart Flower Essences

I read about Alexis Smart and her flower remedies years ago, and ordered several for

Sourcebook: Activated Charcoal

Yesterday, I shared a bit about activated charcoal and its uses, and today wanted to pass

Natural Remedies: Activated Charcoal

In recent months, I've been highlighting some of my favorite natural remedies (posts on chia seed, t

Studio Visit: Agnes Baddoo

I was introduced to Agnes Baddoo totes after spotting them at Beatrice Valenzuela's Echo P

Product of the Day: Blackbird Food Co. Granola

I was introduced to the deliciousness that is Blackbird Food Co. through the lovely Barr

Recipe of the Day: Oven Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Herbs & Vinegar

Sometimes straightforward really is best, and this simply delicious recipe from Barrett of Vall

Studio Visit: Found My Animal

I discovered Found My Animal, accessories for "adopted animals and their people," a couple of y

Sourcebook: Dogs

As a lover of dogs and all things beautiful and well made, it's no surprise that I've done my fair s
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