Styled By: Kate Brien

I have been fortunate enough to know the incredibly talented and stylish Kate Brien for so

Fall Entertaining: Saree Kayne's Birthday - The Menu & Cocktail

As I shared yesterday, my sister Saree Kayne's birthday dinner decor was inspired by her l

Fall Entertaining: Saree Kayne's Birthday - The Decor & Flowers

For my sister Saree Kayne's birthday this year, I hosted a small family dinner at my parents' home i

Smudge Bundles with Botany

I’ve long been a fan of burning herbs, as much for their cleansing abilities as for their amaz

Fall Entertaining: All Things Sweet

For the next in our series on seasonal entertaining, I wanted to host a small dinner inspired by f

Cocktail of the Day: Harvest Margarita

I always love a great Margarita. And while there are tons of great variations out there, this season

Recipe of the Day: Classic Apple Pies

In keeping with the apple-themed week, I wanted to share pie recipes from two of my favorites. First

Sourcebook: Apple Pie

As mentioned yesterday, a big part of my love for this time of year is the treats that acc

Apple Picking at Los Rios Rancho

Some of my favorite things about this time of year are the seasonal treats that accompany it. As day
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