Book of the Day: The Kitchy Kitchen: New Classics for Living Deliciously

I was fortunate enough to get a taste of Claire Thomas’ un-fussy yet sophisticated (

A Baby Shower for Stephanie Schur - The Menu

Yesterday, I shared all of the lovely design elements for Stephanie Schur’s spe

A Baby Shower for Stephanie Schur: The Decor, Favors & Activity

Within these pages, I've often mentioned my love for Stephanie Schur, and her exquisite flowe

Studio Visit: Eefje Theeuws

As mentioned yesterday, I was first introduced to Eefje Theeuws' collection of handformed ceramics,&

Materia Lumina

I was first introduced to Materia Lumina, a collection of hand-formed sacred ceramics by

Bitters Co.

I recently discovered Bitters Co., and knew I had to have it for my Montecito store.* A family-

Cocktail of the Day: Vodka Thyme Lemonade

I love an imaginative, well-constructed cocktail, but the addition of garden herbs takes that love t

Summer Entertaining: Dinner Along the Canals with Irene Neuwirth

For the next in our series of seasonal entertaining posts: a charming, relaxed get-together hosted b

Profile: Kelly Sawyer Patricof

I met Kelly years ago through one of our closest mutual friends, Ali. Since then, she has become a c
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