Hood Honey

Jed Lind, an amazing artist and interior designer, husband to Jessica de Ruiter,

Bee Venom Beauty Products

By now you know that I do my best to go the natural route in all areas of my life, and my beauty rou

Sourcebook: Natural Insect Protection

Every summer, I find myself looking for the best natural bug sprays for the entire family. And this

Fly Swatters

When I spent the summer in Tahoe last year, I realized I had a need for a fly swatter, and wanted to

Bee Pollen

A while back, my friend Shiva wrote a great post on all of the benefits of

Profile: Jessica de Ruiter

As I shared in yesterday's post, I'm fortunate to count Jessica as one of my closest frien

Styled By: Jessica de Ruiter

I met Jessica and her husband years ago when I first opened my West Hollywood store. We hit it off

Dram Bitters

When I find products that are crafted in small batches, use organic ingredients, and are beautifully

Floral Arrangements with Botany: Edible Arrangements

I've already shared several wonderful classes with a floral favorite, Stephanie&nbs
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