Simply Stunning Arrangements with Yasmine Floral Design: Double Petal Helleborus & Snowberries


As someone who loves flowers and uses them at every opportunity, I am forever looking for tips and tricks that will demystify (and simplify) the process of arranging them. With this in mind, I called on the amazing Yasmine Mei of Yasmine Floral Design, a deservedly in-demand LA floral designer with an emphasis on the ethereal, simple and classic. With over a decade of experience in florals – she created the gorgeous spring arrangements for this year's Easter Egg Hunt – she was kind enough to walk me through creating a low arrangement as stunning as it was easy to make. The ingredients: chicken wire, a beautifully understated vaseDouble Petal Helleborus and Snowberries.


#1 Chicken Wire - To begin, Yasmine noted that she uses chicken wire for low arrangements, preferring it to foam, which can be toxic and damaging to the stems. To fit the wire into the vase, twist the wire loosely once and fold it in.

#2 Double Petal Helleborus - Typically a springtime flower, this bloom from New Zealand, of which Yasmine used two different shades, also works beautifully for an early fall arrangement. To place, cluster the flowers and stick them into the chicken wire at an angle around the lip of the vase.

#3 Snowberries - To create dimension and interest, Yasmine recommended having a couple tall pieces stick up in your arrangement.

And lastly, a tip: A common struggle with lower arrangements is keeping them short. There is a tendency to naturally make arrangements tall/top heavy – try to avoid this. How to avoid? Yasmine recommends stepping away from your arrangement as you create, and try sitting at table level to make sure that you can see above it. XXJKE