Stunning Arrangements Simplified with Yasmine Floral Design: Persimmons, Roses, Smoke Bush & Hypericum


I recently shared some tips and tricks for creating a low arrangement as stunning as it was easy to make, courtesy of the amazing Yasmine Mei of Yasmine Floral Design. For the second in our series on demystifying (and simplifying) floral arrangements, she was kind enough to walk me through the process of creating a classic and dramatic fall bouquet. The ingredients: PersimmonsRosesSmoke Bush and Hypericum.

To begin, Yasmine shared a few great rules of thumb for creating arrangements both balanced and aesthetically pleasing. First, your arrangement should be roughly one and a half times as tall as your vase, bearing in mind that you are never committed to keeping anything – you can always change and rearrange as you go. Second, when creating a bundle of flowers, take the smallest bud and make it the tallest flower, and arrange the heavier buds (in this case, Persimmons) towards the lip of the vase.


#1 Persimmons - Because Persimmons can droop, whether because they are too ripe or simply too heavy, Yasmine recommends breaking them up within the arrangement. 

#2 Roses - Yasmine shared that she usually leave the thorns on the stems, and never uses a thorn stripper, which ruins the stems and causes the flowers to die sooner. If thorns bothers you, she recommends using sheers to clip them off. For this arrangement, the leaves of the roses were removed to give a darker look to the whole bouquet. Rose buds too tight? Blow softly into the rose to loosen the petals. Using your fingers can cause the petals to bruise.

#3 Smoke Bush – Yasmine loves working with Smoke Bush because of the gorgeous color and texture it adds to an arrangement.

#4 Hypericum - Using the placement of the Hypericum as a good example, Yasmine shared that she usually works in odd numbers, as even numbers are very distracting to the eye. She also shared that she avoids placement or components that create the shape of a diamond or square in her arrangements, adding that if it looks symmetrical, she will nit-pick on making it too perfect.

And lastly, a tip: Yasmine highly recommends stepping back from the arrangement as you work on it, and walking around. For the lower arrangements, it’s important to sit at the level your guests will be seated to make certain they can see over it. A well-done arrangement should not have to be removed from the table once guests take their seats. XXJKE